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About web development, programming, learning and building my solo side-project Flotes.

Principles of Flotes

Want to learn more about the app? Try it out or read some of the motivation & ideas behind it here. For contact information, see below.

Long-term Retention

Flotes emphasizes long-term retention by allowing you to practice full-sized notes with fill-in-the-blanks. Flotes purposely avoids use of the Leitner System, as I feel it skews potentially valuable statistics about your progress towards short-term retention.

Additionally, having long-form notes reshuffled back into a study session could increase the time to study significantly. Whereas most flashcards are small pieces of information that emphasize high repetition & rote learning.

In other words, Flotes emphasizes quality & challenge of notes over quantity studied.


Similar to the PARA Method popularized by Tiago Forte. Flotes is also an organizational tool. Notes are organized into two buckets, Archived & Active.

Flotes leans into this structure and builds upon it. Notes can be driven to completion by engaging in study sessions. Study sessions record progress and feedback to highlight overall effort & growth. Additionally, feedback is used to measure performance per session.

Flotes organizes notebooks by the optimal time to study. This helps facilitate studying multiple topics or sub-topics efficiently. No push notifications or streak warnings. Flotes simply sorts notebooks by priority and adds subtitle ques / labels.

Simplicity & Aesthetic

All notes in Flotes are written in Markdown. Flotes provides action bars and autocomplete features to reduce the barrier to entry when learning Markdown. Additionally, this means you can seamlessly share notes between other markdown apps like Obsidian, Inkdrop, Vim-wiki and so on

Flotes converts valid markdown into aesthetically pleasing elements. For example, the same info blocks you're reading now can be used in any note in Flotes. This info block will still work inside of other apps like Obsidian, as it is valid markdown, but won't have the same style applied to it.

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