Flotes Roadmap

This roadmap outlines upcoming improvements & ideas. The goal is to make Flotes one of the best note taking & study applications while being accessible & affordable to everyone.

This roadmap may also provide insight into some of the challenges when taking an application from a side project to a legitimate one. As well as, the process and workflow of developing applications as an independent developer

Becoming Official

Scaling side projects into a legitimate project is deceptively difficult and expensive. The following breaks down necessary additions & infrastructure to make this transition.

Official Checklist

Required before major launch

  • Terms of Service
  • Privacy Policy
  • Domain based email
  • Domain based backend (flotes.supabase.app)
  • P.O. Box (for ToS, sending non-spam email, etc…)

At a minimum this will cost about $42 a month. Which is significant for app that doesn’t generate revenue. Ideally, a prequsite to this official list would be

  • Stripe Integration & Pro Features OR
  • Ads Integration

Starter Notebooks

To reduce the barier of entry and inspire ideas, I want to significantly improve the community section. The challenge is creating great content, while still tackling major application improvements

Starter Notebooks

Some of the topics that I plan to add are based on:

  • Programming Languages & Frameworks
  • General Education
  • Computer Science
  • Foreign Languages

💡 If any of these interest you, and you’d like to contribute. Feel free to join our discord or message me directly about contributing.

Thu Dec 01 2022