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Posted: Thu Dec 01 2022

Flotes home page as a banner

Updated: 02-20-2023

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In Progress


In Progress

Data Structures & Algorithms

New Community Notebooks

By far the largest challenge of being a single-developer is deciding how to divide your time. Flotes has over 100 users but is still in somewhat of a vaccuum with little feedback.

To help kickstart a user in the application and to promote the app itself.

I’ve been studying data structures and algorithms to create new community notebooks

Additionally I’ll also spend time:

  • Improving the demo, adding more data to show certain scenarios
  • Improving the landing page, adding more animation/interactivity/sections

Revamping the community section is also on my radar. Currently it looks clunky and awkward. I want to try and build a generic svelte table to house all of the notebooks

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

I’m currently working on a few drafts of these.

The goal is that your data is your data. We don’t want to use your data for anything other than powering features of the application, and we want the policies to reflect that.

We also take measures to implement rules on the database that validate your authentication on the server to prevent other users from accessing your data.

Action items:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Cookie Policy
  • Update site with links

Public Notebooks

User public notebooks

  • Give users ability to make readonly notebooks public
  • Create flow for users to accept visibility of notebooks

Spaced Repetition Controls

Spaced Repetition is calculation that notifies the user of the optimal time to study

At first, I thought about creating specific controls for pausing, resetting, restarting completion.

Since you can now archive a notebook, to essentially pause it, and resetting its current value feels a lot like micromanagement of something that should be automated

This feature will simply be the ability to restart completion. Or control the number of sessions that counts as “Complete”

Spaced Repetition Features

  • Ability to restart completion

Spaced Repetition Filters

Spaced Repetition has many states: not-started, waiting, optimal, sub-optimal, overdue, archived, complete. Add filters to search by these states


  • Update FTS search modal with filters
  • Wire up changes to filters
    • POC: Two ways to determine; search by explicit status, search by date


Mermaid Flowchart Diagrams

Mermaid is a markdown syntax for creating flowcharts


Add mermaid support to markdown editor

  • Core implementation
  • Ability to use fill in the blank inside of a node

Loading & Auth Improvements

Update the Authentication flow to navigate to a specific authentication page.

This update will allow Flotes to immediately determine on load if the user is in demoing or logging in.

Which will allow for refactors to have components / screens wait on corresponding database calls while delivering a better user experience.

  • Remove flickering on stats screen
  • Remove flicker between demo sidenav and logged in sidenav when logging in
  • Remove stale state when navigating between notebooks
    • Will do this later. Need to update notebook to contain the number of users/notes. This way the server side render looks good. Otherwise, just clearing the notes and loading the new ones will cause excessive shifting.

Additionally, update login page to follow Google branding guidelines

  • Buttons need to describe the action taken. e.g. “Sign in with Google”.

Flotes as a PWA

A PWA (progressive web app) can significantly improve the experience for mobile users



  • Update to svelte-kit 1.0
  • Update pwa.png (192 & 512). Update: Will use white bg for now.
  • Add configuration
  • (Additional) Add dark overlay to main when sidenav is open on mobile

Starter Notebooks

Create a set of starter notebooks & examples

  • Create a new screen to house starter notebooks
  • Ability for user to copy these notebooks as their own