Updates February 2023



  • Notebooks (not just notes) can be archived. This helps keep “My Notebooks” focused and organized.
    • Shared Notebooks can be archived, this will only impact the user that archives. It will not impact other users of the notebook or the author.
    • i.e. archive and Spaced Repetition are specific to the user. The notebook is shared.
  • Notebooks now display completion status: On the stats screen, in the sidenav, on the archive screen.
    • Completed notebooks sink to the bottom of “My Notebooks” and surface to the top of Archived
  • Spaced Repetition Indicators now pulse. My Notebooks is organized by spacing. The closer to overdue, the higher it surfaces to the top of the list.
  • Invites have been redesigned and will show a pulsing indicator when new invites are available.
  • A new navigation widget has been added to the top right corner of the screen:
    • Navigate to: Edit, Practice, Stats.
    • When practicing, will display the current position of practice
    • The navigation options still exist in the ... and have been updated to be contextual
      • e.g. Only options that make sense will be displayed. Or if practicing will say “Return to Practice”, things like that.
  • When practicing, the footer has been fixed so that it always displays on mobile. Before, you had to install as PWA, or the url-bar would hide the show answer. This was really really really confusing.
  • Fill in the blanks have been fixed on Safari/iPhone. Text was invisible. Additionally, outlines would go out of the bounds of their container. Now the outlines light up instead.
  • Improvements to this blog (yay). Posts are now organized by type, there’s a new header, as well as an about me.
  • Links now open in a new tab instead of the current tab
  • Batch Fixes:
    • A mermaid version failed in production on refresh, but not in dev. This is fixed by reverting to a previous version.
    • Author always displayed the current users name.
    • Searching left the enter key bound even when the modal was closed
      • Minor, redundantly binding and unbinding keys has been fixed. Not a noticable performance improvement but definitely unwanted.
    • Padding applied to the bottom of the editor so if your text touches the bottom you can scroll down further
    • Inline preview let text overflow instead of wrapping.

Support for Mermaid

  • Support for mermaid graph and sequenceDiagram.
  • Fill in the Blanks work inside of mermaid.

Example Syntax

graph TD;
A[This is a Node]-->B[?- fill in the blank -?]
  • ?- PHRASE -? is a custom Flotes syntax that can be used in your mermaid charts to challenge yourself on its content.
Tue Feb 14 2023